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What our patients says

Delighted to connect with the expert. Credible information for my baby from a single genuine source is always a treasure to hold on to always!

Thank you Doc


Mr. Navojit

Both my daughters had allergy problem for  which we did consultation with Dr.Sandip, he gave us minimum medicine required and problem got under control easily.


Ms. Sonakshi  Moulik

my son, Arnav, had throat pain, and oral ucer during the lockdown , I had consulted online with Dr.Gupta, he provided simple medication and guidance, I am really thankful for his timely help.


Mr.Braj Pandey

Very professional and friendly. My daughter had cold and flu-like symptoms, I was worried to take her to the clinic during this COVID Pandemic. Then I took Dr.Gupta’s consultation online through a video call. He is very calm and listens to us patiently. He is an experienced doctor and he easily identified what was wrong with my kid; gave suggestions to do things right and avoided giving any high dose medication until necessary.


Mr. Vinoth  Paul